Bassist, Songwriter, Composer/Arranger



Every once in a while I get lucky and a song rolls out quickly.  I love it when that happens!  Most of the time, though, I do a fair amount of revising before reaching the point where I can call it “done”.   Some songs get written in one sitting, some take a few weeks or months… and then there are some that I’ve been working on for years.  I have boxes of notebooks full of lyrics in various stages of completion going back to when I was a teenager.  I fantasize that someday I’ll take a year off and go live in a bungalow on a desert island or a cabin in the woods and finish all the songs I’ve ever started. 

In the meantime, here below is a partial listing of some of the songs I’ve completed.  Clicking on the titles takes you to the lyrics – a few of the tunes (as denoted by asterisks) can be found on the Audio page and I’ll add more as soon as I get a chance.


Song Lyrics

is Love?

The Stone Unturned

Changing Her Mind* - Listen

When Time Stands Still* - Listen

I Could Not Believe My Eyes

Beautiful Puppets


The Heat of the Flame

This Time Around

If I Knew Then