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Beautiful Puppets

Smiling down from the billboards
shouting out from the TV
picture perfect on the magazine shelf
See ’em pose, see ‘em hustle
see ‘em flex every muscle
show me all I’d like to see in myself

They come waltzing into my life through every crack in the wall
and it’s a welcome intrusion
All that I was taught to expect since I was able to crawl
is there to complete the illusion

            Beautiful puppets dangling on strings
            such visions of wonder, such coveted things
            Beautiful puppets dancing on air
            take aim through the camera with that smooth, sexy stare
            Beautiful puppets singing funky pop songs
            gonna make love to me baby, do it all night long
            such beautiful creatures-who would ever suspect
            that the strings are maneuvered by the hands that collect

It’s the glamour profession
with an endless procession
of the latest myths and models to choose
Fairies, frogs, queens and princes
selling cars and creme rinses
so life-like as they follow their cues
It’s the “new and improved” mass production
of that ancient seduction
where the lovers just keep changing their clothes
turning faith into fashion
profit with a passion
every pretty face gets overexposed


Now the frame has been frozen
now the candidate is chosen
one more new designer idol is born
and all the wise men are bringing
shiny cash drawers a ringing
Angels singing “Hallelujah!”

Our hero rises up through the ashes
every hair is in place
his jaw is set with a purpose
The spotlight shows the triumph of youth
the perfect skin on his face
(but something’s crawling under the surface!)



©1991 jeffrey wash REV 2003