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This Time Around

These days I’m takin it slow and easy
there’s no need to push my luck too fast
and those old winds of change are blowin light and breezy
I’m going to take time, make this moment last

I used to be late
everywhere I went
trying to outrun old father time
I just couldn’t wait
for a lover to be heaven-sent
then by accident
I ran smack dab into you
and darlin

            Your love slowed me down
            made me stop and look around
            and it’s a brand new world that I’ve found
            I’m gonna take me time in love this time around

Now sometimes I find myself down and worried
cause something didn’t work out like I planned
then you say, “Let it wait”, darlin there’s no need to hurry,
you know it takes time and time is on our hands”

If only you knew
how I wasted all those years
running my heart into the ground
then I caught up with you
and it threw me into 2nd gear
when you pulled me near
and said “What took you so long?”
and darlin


It’s a love I hope will last
feels as though it all were planned
when I start to go too fast
you just take me by the hand
and I know just where I stand



© 1990 by jeffrey wash